Selfies and $avings - A LNS Workshop

The reason that I was drawn to boudoir was to uplift and encourage other women. I have ambitious dreams for this notion and what that means, beyond photography. Loving and accepting ourselves is such a powerful thing as women- it can change our demeanor, attitudes, perspectives - I would argue YOUR WHOLE LIFE. BUT, I want the LNS brand to extend beyond your mirror too. I’m interested in ALL kinds of positive transformations across all aspects of women’s lives.

Which is why I was so excited to partner with a former LNS girl gang member, Michelle Gill from Edward Jones to host a FREE workshop all about finances. Michelle suggested we combine my selfie tips and her savings tips for a SUPER fun night!


Michelle L. Gill

Do you need personalized financial guidance? You might want to contact Michelle.

Michelle is a Financial Advisor based out of Fremont, Ohio. And, she knows her stuff. Michelle has been an Edward Jones financial advisor since 2014 and serves clients from her office in downtown Fremont, but travels frequently around the area for visits with her clients. Michelle works to build personalized strategies to achieve her client’s goals and partners together throughout their lives to keep them on track. 

So, lets admit - financial planning is not the sexiest subject. BUT it turns out, if you’re lead by someone as engaging and knowledgable as Michelle while being surrounded by a bunch of other badass women, it can be made pretty FUN. Also, who doesn’t appreciate a little direction on the subject of financial goal making? Until pretty recently in history, financial power and control was not as attainable to women as it is today, Think about how crazy that is. Now, we’re navigating it! We’re all trying to make these important decisions for ourselves and our families. It is SO important, but it can scare people.

Which is exactly why I provided SCHNNNNAAAAAACKS!


Michelle provided all the goods for our discussion. Our workbooks included information on calculating our net worth, basic info on investing, saving growth charts, and financial design game plans. The books even included hypothetical questions and discussions to have with a partner to align financial goals. Everything you KNOW you should attend to, but don’t know where to start? Well, it was packaged up neat in our workbooks for us. BUT…the hit of the night might have been the vision boards she brought along:


Everyone created vision boards of their priorities and goals in the context of their own timeline and expectations for life. It felt like a live Pinterest. How cute is my board?!!


Now that your finances are looking good, you might as well too. The second half of the night was all about taking the perfect selfie, with tips provided by yours truly. Here’s a little bit of what we discussed:


YAAAS: Au naturale

Natural lighting is where it’s at, babes. No overhead fluorescent lights!



Stop duck face! Instead, try pushing your tongue to the roof of your mouth an sticking out your chin. Much better, girlfriend - trust!


YAAAS: Presets



Neva take a photo with your back to the window. It casts the wrong shadows, pose in front of the window and take advantage of that great lighting!



Don’t wait. If you’re feeling yourself, snap that selfie. Share a photo that makes you feel beautiful.


I love offering events at the studio and we have some REAL good ones in the works. Next up: Makeup Masterclass with our very own resident makeup artist. She’s going to teach us some tips and tricks and show us how to create a custom fall look on ourselves. Want info? Click the link below to sign up for one of the two dates we’re offering!