Where do I start with this babe? How about her amazing laugh and infectious smile. Working in retail could turn the sweetest person sour, but not our girl. She walked into the studio the morning of her session a little nervous. But, right away she had us chatting and laughing as soon as she was relaxing in the makeup chair. During the session, we pointed out the obvious - she had a real nice booty. She looked over her shoulder at us with a mischievous smile, โ€œI may have been told that beforeโ€. You can see the proof below for yourself.

Lindsay Nicole Studio-1.jpg

How old are you?

What do you do for a living?
Retail Store Manager

What made you take the leap of faith and do a boudoir session?
You know those people pleasers? Yep that was me for years so much so I didn't even know who I was anymore I completely lost track of where I wanted to be in life who I was as a person. I would find myself looking in the mirror and just not happy with the person I was looking back at. I did a lot of soul searching and some therapy to really realize that I have to be #1 I have to put myself and my happiness 1st if not how can I love myself and be everything my kids need me to be too. I stopped saying yes to everyone else and saying yes to myself. Part of that journey was saying YES to do a boudoir session and capturing everything I have come to love about myself again so I can always have the reminder I AM a badass.

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Lindsay Nicole Studio-12.jpg

Did you have any obstacles or fears about the session?
At first it was the financials of it all but you know once you take a step back and look at it as investment in yourself it made my decision so much easier!

Did I provide enough pre-session info?
Yaaaaaaassssss! I felt so comfortable going into the session!

How did you like working with my team?
I made the leap of faith while you were on your honeymoon. I was getting my hair done and Courtney posted a flash sale. So I made my way to the website and booked! From the 1st email you ladies have made me feel so welcomed and PUMPED to do my session. Lindsay is so easy to talk to and makes sure everything about your experience will be flawless from her session about what to wear and not to wear down to where to park so your day will be stress free and amazing!

How did you like your hair + makeup?
Courtney did AMAZING with my hair and makeup. She is so incredibly easy to talk to and her energy is just so infectious.

Lindsay Nicole Studio-8.jpg
Lindsay Nicole Studio-4.jpg

Did you enjoy your session?
I LOVED my session and would love to do it again. It was an amazing experience and investment in myself to have to look back at and remember how far I've come!

Was the session different than you expected?
Yes as far as it dark exceeded my expectations on how it would make me feel about myself ๐Ÿ–ค

What was your favorite part?
The video clips! Yes you have your images but the clips are live and takes you back to that moment in time of the session to play it over again in your head!

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Lindsay Nicole Studio-18.jpg
Lindsay Nicole Studio-16.jpg

Do you have any advice for women interested in booking a boudoir session?
The moment that you take a step back and realize that it's an investment and LNS will be there to help you through it all it takes all the worries out of it! You pay for a gym membership or starbucks weekly? Why not pay for your future session weekly too?!?!

Did you enjoy working with me and my team? (Be honest!)
I LOVED you ladies. I am so incredibly thankful that I was able to make the leap and spend a day with you to help capture all of me to have and cherish forever!

Did anything change regarding the way you see yourself after the session?
The whole experience just gives you a fresh perspective on who you are through someone else's eyes (the camera) and how others see you not just how you see yourself in the mirror!

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I told you she was the sweetest. Want to join the #lnsgirlgang? 2019 is already SOLD OUT and weโ€™re booking into 2020! You can get all the info on booking your own session by reading our Booking Guide. Check it out below.