10 Reasons You Are Afraid To Book


Girl. I get it. You scurrrred. I was too. Let's talk this out.

1. You think you're too "heavy".

My god if I could just shake you and tell you in person that you are beautiful I would. Society has trained us to believe that we will NEVER be the perfect weight. No matter how many gym memberships we've had, the diets we've tried... even after weight loss success, it's rarely enough. Am I right? And that belief has changed the way we've lived our lives for YEARS. It's stopped us from wearing outfits, from going to the beach, from being in pictures with our families, from having sex with the lights on (#truth). It's time to say "Enough!".  I did my first boudoir session at my heaviest weight. I was terrified, literally shaking. If I can do this, so can you. 

2. You don't think you need it.

Well, maybe you don't. But I can tell you that I've never had a client regret doing a shoot. Most of my clients wish they had done it sooner and they tell me they'd do it again if given the chance. I've said it before, this isn't just a "photo shoot" or "sexy pictures". This is a celebration of YOU. A chance for you to dig deep, find the real you and BE HER unapologetically. My goal is to give you the most beautiful images of yourself that you've ever seen and I don't know a single woman who doesn't need that.

3. You don't have anything to wear.

I mean, this one is really kind of silly. I've helped you with the 'What to wear' question before and I'll really get into the nitty gritty with you at your pre-session consult but literally, this should NEVER stop you from doing a session. With my assistance, the LNS Client Closet (over 200 pieces of clothing, sizes 0-22) and the Where to Shop Guide that you receive when booking, you'll never be worried about this. Crisis averted.

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

"Every singlewoman who has walked through my door has a story and insecurities."

4. You don't think you'll look like the clients on my website.

Very simply, neither did any of the ladies that are on my website. Every single woman that has walked through my door has a story and insecurities. NONE of them are models. They are every day women just like you. I will pose you and use the BEST lighting to show you how stunning you are. Your images will absolutely be website worthy.

5. Similar to #4, You don't want your images on my website/the internet.

All of my clients get FULL SAY on which images (if any) are shared online. Some of my clients ask that their images remain private and I 100% respect that. Some of my clients pick 1 or 2 images that they are OK with me sharing. Some of my clients let me share only their anonymous images and others say - 'Share 'em all!!'. I never share images without my client's permission (which is why I don't do sneak peeks) and when I do, I never tag them. I let you decide if you want the world to know it's you. 

6. You don't think you can look sexy.

I wish I had a dollar for every time a client said that to me. I'd be HELLA rich. But seriously, you don't have to know how to "be" sexy. First of all, I will teach you. Secondly, we'll spend more time laughing during your session than channeling your inner Tyra Banks. Rarely do I have clients who walk in and think they can be sexy, but I show all of my clients that they are.


"...we'll spend more time laughing during your session than channeling your inner Tyra Banks."

7. You are terrified to pose nude.

This one makes me laugh. I thought this too. In fact, I kept my underwear on for my first shoot, the whole time, even in our shower shoot. So, yeah.... I get it. Posing in your birthday suit isn't easy. That said, it is one of the most real, vulnerable and BEAUTIFUL ways to capture you. You don't have to go nude for your shoot. You can keep alllll ya clothes on but I can guarantee you won't regret it.

8. You don't think you can afford it.

This is probably one of the most common objections I get. And I TOTALLY understand. Booking a shoot with me can be an investment. We try to make it as easy as possible to make this work. You can schedule your shoot out as far as 7 months. You only need 50% of the Booking Collection upfront to book your date and the remainder isn't due until 1 week before your session. For your product purchases, we can set you up with a pre-session payment plan for one of our collections making it SUPER easy to save for everything you want. We even offer MEGA bonuses for our babes that decide to pre-pay. I like to think of our sessions as a high end luxury (like a Luis Vuitton bag). It's an investment sure, but unlike a handbag that can go out of style, these images will be the driving force of a lifelong transformation. The ability to love yourself is freaking priceless and I know that sounds cheesy but I don't care. We provide every opportunity to make this experience doable for you. If you want to talk it out, send me an email - I want this experience for every woman. 


"We provide every opportunity to make this experience doable for you.

9. You don't have anyone to do this session for.

First of all, stop. You don't need a "someone" to do a session. I'd say about 50% of my clients come in to do this session just for themselves. The other 50%, tell me at the end, that although they did this as a gift for their partner, this was so much more for them than they realized. The experience is for you. The confidence is for you. The ability to see yourself as beautiful is for you. The images are just a bonus and they do make for a great gift. But they also make an awesome family heirloom. I mean, imagine your granddaughters or nieces stumbling across these images in 20 years. I can guarantee they'll say - "Holy cow Grandma was a badass!". And there you go - influencing another generation of women just by taking a chance to love yourself.


"Ladies let me remind you that this is not your practice life. It's a one shot deal. You won't get a do-over...Imagine what you could do if you looked in the mirror and LOVED what you saw staring back at you.

10. You don't think you are worth it.

Ugh this hurts my heart. I know that feeling. That feeling of thinking you don't deserve to feel beautiful because _____________. Ladies let me remind you that this is not your practice life. It's a one shot deal. You won't get a do-over (as far as we know). I hear this from so many of my clients. That they have really lost themselves since; becoming a mom, getting married, getting divorced, losing a loved one, gaining weight, starting a career.... the list goes on. If there is one gift that you can give yourself, that will impact ALL the areas of your life in a positive way, it's the gift of self love/confidence. Imagine what  you could do if you looked in the mirror and LOVED what you saw staring back at you. Sometimes we have to do scary things to be able to do great things. 

I know it can be scary to pull the trigger on booking a session. I hope I just talked you out of some of your fears. If you still have questions you can check out our FAQ page or just send me an email at info@lindsaynicolestudio.com. If you are ready to book your life changing boudoir session - head over to our Booking Page and make it official!