CLIENT INTERVIEW // Toledo, Ohio Boudoir Photographer

It's that time again. Another babe from the #lnsgirlgang is here to tell her story. Each of our clients has a reason for booking their shoot. Sometimes, it's a gift for a significant other. Sometimes, it's an excuse to spoil themselves. And's because they NEED it.

Today's client is one of those babes. Anyone who knows this woman, knows she has a heart of solid gold. She was one of the last clients to have their session in my home studio and it took her a solid 5 (FIVE!!) months to even get up enough courage to come see her images. It was amazing and I'm obsessed with her. She's taking home a gorgeous album, digitals and an awesome Retro Reel. I can't wait for her to have these in her hands! Now for her interview.



How old are you?

What do you do for a living?

 Ohio Senior Photographer
 Ohio Senior Photographer

What made you take the leap of faith and do a boudoir session?
The little voice
That reminded me
I would always regret not doing it.

Did you have any obstacles or fears about the session?
The photo session NO. The viewing party absolutely. Knowing I was going to see all these pictures that were taken that day and truly facing the raw images. The fear came from feeling like I wasn’t deserving enough. That my body isn’t a body that anyone needed to see.

 Ohio Senior Photographer
 Ohio Senior Photographer

How did you like working with my team?
Loved every single minute of it.

How did you like your hair + makeup?
It was so nice to be pampered from start to finish even 5 months later!

Did you enjoy your session?
Every second of it. From the minute I walked into your front door! I felt like I have known you for years.

 Ohio Senior Photographer
 Ohio Senior Photographer

Was the session different than you expected?

What was your favorite part?
The viewing party! I still haven’t stopped looking at the 5 little polaroids!

 Ohio Senior Photographer
 Ohio Senior Photographer

What was your least favorite part?
I wish I wouldn’t have waited 5 months to build up the courage to see the amazing photos.

Did you like your images?
Like?? No, I LOVE THEM!!

 Ohio Senior Photographer
 Ohio Senior Photographer

How did you feel when you saw your images?
Empowered! Gorgeous! Beautiful!

Will you tell your friends about this session?
I have been telling everyone even if they are not my friend! Lol

Do you have any advice for women interested in booking a boudoir session?
Get out of your head! Don’t over think your wardrobe. My favorite pictures were the ones that truly showed my authentic self. BE YOU and do this for YOU!

 Ohio Senior Photographer
 Ohio Senior Photographer

Did anything change regarding the way you see yourself after the session?
From the moment the video popped on the screen! I still don’t think I have truly felt all the emotions of this session. It’s a feeling one can not understand until they have a session for their self! I truly saw my beauty from a different aspect that I never would have seen without this session!

 Ohio Senior Photographer

Any final thoughts on your session or things you'd like me to know?
Thank you for your patience! Thank you for allowing me all the time in the world to finally make that viewing party appointment.



Let this be a lesson babes. Don't wait for this experience. Don't think you aren't worth it. You ARE worth it. Chelsey is a living, breathing example of a woman who chases after what she wants. I LOVED working with her and I'm so grateful for her story. If you are ready to chat about your life changing boudoir session, send me an email below!

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