Ohio Portrait Photographer | Game Changer!

At the beginning of this year I stumbled upon a photographer's instagram account and was BLOWN AWAY at the images she was creating. I found myself checking instagram several times a day just looking to see if she had posted anything new. Her images were so moving, so emotional that I 1. found myself desperately wanting to know how she was creating them and 2. feeling so depressed about the learning curve I was sure to endure to get there. 

Then something magical happened. She posted that she was going to do a "Breakout Session" to TEACH US HER WAYS. I was 100% sure that this session was going to cost at least $500 if not more and that there was no way I could justify spending that kind of money. A couple more days go by and BAM! the session was only $50.00. FIFTY DOLLARS! In the photography world that is nothing. I cannot explain this enough. Obviously, I immediately signed up and waited patiently for two weeks for the download link to arrive in my inbox. 

I poured through the material, reading every line 2 maybe 3 times. I wanted every. drop. I. could. get. It was a game changer. Her knowledge and instruction completely changed the way l was looking at my business. In a matter of days I went from being so worried that no one was ever going to book with me again (poor me!) to deciding that I can and should be selective on who I choose to book with. Not selective in the sense of, "you're not good enough for me" but in an attitude of "I have a vision, a talent and a style that isn't for everyone". I shouldn't be "willing to do anything", I should find what I love and do that. Be amazing at that. Specialize in that. 

It was during this breakout that I realized I was drawn to making women feel and look beautiful. That images that show raw emotion are truly moving to me. That I LOVE the "look" of film and that posed family photos are not only not my strong suit, I don't particularly like doing them. I'm not saying I don't want to photograph your family, I'm saying I want to photograph your family having FUN, doing something, being wild and running on the beach, laying on a blanket and having a tickle fight, making pancakes in your kitchen, etc...  

I realize I might be turning a few potential clients off with these statements and even as I sit here typing these words a small voice is telling me, don't say that, just say you love to take photos of "real life moments happening" (sound familiar? see: About Me) . But here's the thing, if I want this to become a real business, my life's work, then I have to love it. Like really really love it. And THIS is what I love and I'm so grateful to Candice Zugich for teaching me that that is OK.

I feel like when I'm photographing what I love, you can tell the difference, no?

For anyone that's interested, a beauty session can be added to any wedding package or can be booked separately as an elegant portrait session. Contact me at lindsaynicolestudio@gmail.com for booking/inquiries.