Stuckey Twins | Indiana Newborn Photographer

About a month ago I took a trip to Fremont, IN to take some of the first images of these two precious newborns. Jaxon and Juliana gave me Newborn photography is hard, but adding two more hands and legs to the mix, is definitely a challenge. These two were 11 days new when we first met and were already having their first growth spurt. Two feedings, four diaper changes, countless handfuls of peanut butter trail mix and four hours later we called it a wrap.  Here are some of my favorite images:

The last image was literally the only shot of the two of them together. Jaxon and Jules were just not on the same sleep schedule that day so we made plans to visit again soon. Two weeks later I visited them again and we were able to get a few more precious images of them together. I made the comment on Facebook that these would make some adorable senior yearbook photos but who knows if they will even have yearbooks in 2032 (!!!)?

So much love. Can't wait to watch these two grow up!