CLIENT INTERVIEW // Toledo, Ohio Boudoir Photographer

"I'm a full time single mommy to my almost 7 year old son and I raise him completely by myself. I'm currently trying to find my new found confidence."

And that was the moment I knew I had to work with Liv. This Client Interview is with one of the most sweet, easy going babes I've ever photographed. I knew from her original email she was going to benefit so much from this experience. Since she arrived at my studio 4 hours early for her shoot (no thanks to me telling her the wrong time!) we got to hang out, grab a Starbucks and chat for a bit while we waited for my amazing Hair and Makeup Artist, Courtney Peters, to arrive. We talked about her life, how she's been a mom since high school, how she quit her job as a cosmetologist so she could take a job in a factory working midnights to make more money to support her child and have more time to spend with him when he's out of school. She quite frankly busts her ass and the more we chatted, I could see the layers just start to come off. I mean, whenever a client says to me - I'm down for whatever, I could not be happier. We made some *magic* together and I'm SO pumped over these images. 


How old are you?

What do you do for a living?
Machine operations


What made you take the leap of faith and do a boudoir session?
To get my sexy back! Lol

Did you have any obstacles or fears about the session?
Just my existing lack of self confidence


Did I provide enough pre-session info?
Yes ma'am

How did you like working with my team?
I instantly felt comfortable just walking into your home, so I loved it!


How did you like your hair + makeup?
It was definitely different than what I'm used to, but change is good :)

Did you enjoy your session?
I most definitely did! I left feeling like a badass


Was the session different than you expected?
I didn't have any expectations because it was my first time doing anything like it, so I didn't have anything to go off of lol

What was your favorite part?
Getting Starbucks haha just kidding! When you took a leap of faith and let me take it all off lol


What was your least favorite part?
Bending in positions I don't usually bend in

Did you like your images?
I loved my images♡


How did you feel when you saw your images?
I was so overly thrilled that my "mom bod" didn't look like a mom bod at all

Would you ever do another session?
I already plan on it


Will you tell your friends about this session?
Oh I'm going to be telling/showing everyone

Do you have any advice for women interested in booking a boudoir session?
Do It. Don't even think. Just book it. You won't regret it, and you won't leave feeling anything but sexy.


Did anything change regarding the way you see yourself after the session?
I have the lowest self confidence about my nose but I feel my body makes up for it lol

Did you enjoy working with me and my team? (Be honest!)
Very much so! I'm so happy you were my first photographer for anything like this because I was so comfortable being there and especially for such an intimate shoot!


Any final thoughts on your session or things you'd like me to know?
I just wanted you to know that your awesome :)

I think you are pretty awesome too babe.

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