Jake + Melanie Wed // Ohio Wedding Photographer

It's not everyday that you meet two rare gems like Jake + Melanie. Every wedding photographer prays for that down-to-earth couple, the go-with-the-flow bride, the groom who doesn't mind getting his picture taken, the unique wedding location, the dream family that respects your creativity. This was Jake + Melanie.

For starters, their wedding location was super rad. Oak Openings Metropark is an insanely beautiful space and it happens to be where they fell in love. Not only did we shoot their engagement photos here, it was their obvious choice for a wedding location. It fit their style and personalities so well and I can't say enough good things about the area. I mean, as a photographer, this is the type of stuff you get excited about.

When I mentioned that Jake + Melanie were down to earth, I wasn't lying. From the moment of our first meeting, they were so laid back and open to my ideas. They even went along with me when I asked them to take 10 minutes at the beginning of their engagement session to write down a few reasons why they were 100% head over heals in love with each other. Ummmm adorable. And truthfully one of the most perfect engagement sessions I've had to date.

Their wedding was no exception. Yeah there was rain and maybe things didn't go exactly as planned but do they ever?  These two took their rainy wedding day, a day that was supposed to include an outside wedding, like total champs. Annnnnd, if I can be honest, I think the inside ceremony was even more beautiful than what they had originally planned for.

As usual, I'm not a super blogger but check out these images of Jake + Melanie's day. It was a magical forest wedding and I was honored to be their photographer. Scroll to the end to see the special video I created for them. These videos are becoming my new favorite thing. <3