Ughhh another LONG overdue post here. This babe lays out some REAL advice for ladies thinking about scheduling their own boudoir session. I love that Mrs. B chose a tank top as her first look - it suited her personality so well. We had a LOT of laughs during this session. It was carefree and fun and felt like we were truly old friends. AKA the perfect kind of day. Check out her Client Interview below and tell me - are you ready for your own boudoir experience??


 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

How old are you?
42...but in my head...I am still 29 (and ALWAYS will be!!)

What do you do for a living?
I am an Environmental, Health, and Safety professional for a large manufacturing company

What made you take the leap of faith and do a boudoir session?
I took the leap of faith when I saw your 35th birthday flash sale. I had been secretly watching your site for several months. A TOTAL babe that I work with had added me, and I watched the most beautiful women grace your pages. This same babe that I work with had her pics taken (and that sounds like such an insignificant "thing", but really not). I remember talking to her to to that day, and then when she came back to work, she just glowed!! I them saw some of my other friends take the leap, and heard them rave about the experience, so took your birthday as a sign that it was my turn!!

Did you have any obstacles or fears about the session?
Yes and no. I was pretty determined to do this, and thought for sure I would be super nervous or scared. On the other hand, I saw this as an opportunity to "own" my perception of myself. There are things about my body that I love....others...not so much. So, I was most worried about how I would look or how I would get over my own fears and just TRUST others to show me in the best way. I have to say...from the minute I hit the "book it" button, I was blown away by the total support from the LNS team!!

Did I provide enough pre-session info?
ABSOLUTELY!! If you or Courtney didn't ask once if I had any questions...then you asked 87 times....SO accommodating and willing to share!!

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer
 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer
 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

How did you like working with my team?
Can you come hang out in my house and go for margaritas every week!?!?! I was fortunate enough to be there for Day 1 of Courtney (office manager Courtney...not makeup Courtney...;o) ). I loved how she fit right in with you...natural team. The day of my session, it was like a total "girl's day". I loved how everyone was willing to give an opinion on what looked best and what didn't and how to match...even to the extent that I let you all pic out my jewelry as I stood there half dressed!! The amount of support and "cheering" was so incredibly awesome!! Kind of like how women should be....empowering each other and building them up....LOVE!!

How did you like your hair + makeup?
Again...can I have Courtney style me everyday!?!? Courtney keyed into my normal look, and through a few simple questions, she nailed my hair and makeup with a "sexy/natural" kind of look. My husband (who likes more of the "natural look") absolutely LOVED my hair and makeup!!

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer
 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer
 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Did you enjoy your session?
My session was amazing!! It went SO fast!! I was on a total high the rest of the day....or week...or month!! ;o)

Was the session different than you expected?
Yes. I expected there to be music and laughs and sexy looks and nervousness. Yes...there was all that, but the things that I had planned and we talked about, we never got to because it was all just SO good!! I brought a bag of things to wear with the intent of borrowing a piece or 2 our of your closet and then doing a sheet session. I was TOTALLY shocked that we used ALL of my goodies and that they all looked SO AWESOME!! The other big shocker.... I did NOT expect or plan to go as "bare" as I did...AHHHH!!!!! Still can't believe I did that!!

What was your favorite part?
My favorite part was including my husband in the process. Mark was SO support from the second that I showed him the beautiful images on your FB page. I told him I wanted to do it, and encouraged me to get it booked. When I started doing some online shopping, he sat beside me and showed me what he liked and what he didn't and what he wanted to see me in. However, he did NOT want to see my final selections. So, I ordered what I liked and kept them all as surprises. The look on his face when he saw my images in some of the things he picked (and others he didn't) was the BEST!! It made me feel SO AWESOME!!

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer
 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Did you like your images?
LOVED THEM!! Until I got my app and video, I would randomly go to my email to sneak a peak of the ONE image you sent me before my viewing party. I could not believe that was me!!

How did you feel when you saw your images?
I felt completely overwhelmed!! The lumps and bumps and lines were there that I see in the mirror, but somehow it was different. My 40+ years of laughing, crying, 2 babies, lots of beer and pizza were all there captured by the camera. But those photos showed WAY more than that!! I got to see my best features captured in the eye of another woman. That is SO powerful!!

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Would you ever do another session?
Ummm.....hexx yes!! I still REALLY want to do a sheet session.... ;o)

Will you tell your friends about this session?
I am not sure how many of my friends haven't heard about it already!!

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer
 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Do you have any advice for women interested in booking a boudoir session?
There are a few things I would offer....

1. Don't wait to book!! I have talked to some women that say they are waiting until they lose weight or in some way change themselves. You are the most beautiful TODAY!!

2. If you have a spouse or significant other, include them in the process!! That special person is your biggest supporter, and will only enhance the process.

3. Embrace the process and ENJOY every minute!! This experience can be freeing and therapeutic.

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer
 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Did anything change regarding the way you see yourself after the session?
Another yes and no. There are things that I like and don't like about myself. However, now I see myself more from the perspective how someone else does.

Did you enjoy working with me and my team? (Be honest!)
YES!!! 5 stars!! You all got me to feel comfortable in my skin and step out of my comfort zone!! How many times did I say, "I can't believe I am doing this...I can't believe I am doing this...I can't believe I am doing this...." ;o)

Any final thoughts on your session or things you'd like me to know?
Keep up the AWESOME work!! I am SO excited to see your business grow and more and more women have such a great experience!! Yes...this is an investment of your hard earned $$, but it is SO MUCH more than that!! XOXO

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer


So much goodness in those words. If something she said resonated with you - take the first step and send us an email. We’d love to talk to you about your perfect session and how we can make it happen.