Let's talk wardrobe!

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

By far the most common question I receive has to be: 

"What the f do I wear for my session?"

All LNS clients receive a full Session Guide and Where to Shop list, not to mention we talk wardrobe at their pre-session consult so each client is fully prepared but I thought I'd give you a quick list of do's and don'ts so if you are hesitant to book because of THIS question, you will no longer be able to use this as an excuse. :)

Let's start with THE DON'TS.

  • Bright Colors - The new studio is GORGEOUS. I'm talking better decorated than my own home gorgeous. It's boho, romantic annnnnd neutral. With lots of whites, creams, greys, soft pinks....it's perfect for neutral and dark colored items (think maroon, emerald green, BLACK). It's not the place to bring your bright red/orange/hot pink outfits. They just won't translate super well in the space.
  • Corsets/Babydoll Lingerie - I get quite a few requests for items like this and I think I have the 80's/90's VS catalogs to thank for that. LISTEN TO ME YOU BEAUTIFUL LADIESSSSS - corsets are not your friend. Yes they cinch up that waistline but corsets aren't magic - your skin doesn't just disappear, it is pushed up or down - it has to go somewhere. Plus, you can barely move, which means I can barely pose you. So it's a no from me. Babydoll lingerie is it's own kind of disaster. They just. 👏🏻  aren't. 👏🏻  flattering. 👏🏻 They flare out at this hips and I don't know ANY woman who wants their hips to look bigger. amiright??? There are SO MANY other options, it's not even a question for me anymore. Bring a babydoll teddy in for your session and I guarantee it doesn't make it out of your bag.
  • Ill fitting items - this should be a no-brainer but you wouldn't believe how many ladies come in for their session with items they haven't even tried on yet. (!%#?*) I know this is a hard one, you are nervous enough. You are hoping that just by walking in my studio ALL THE THINGS will fit perfectly. If only that were the case. ;)  Please, for the love of Nancy (that's my mom btw), try your outfits on ahead of time. Do they fit? Are they cutting in on your hips? back? butt? arms? shoulders? If the answer is yes - it's not the right outfit for this session. 
  • Props - If you know my work, then I'm sure you would NEVER expect to see me photograph props but I'm throwing this out there because you just never know who is reading this thing. Props are a big no in my studio.  I want to photograph you. Not your guitar, cowboy boots, husband's uniform, favorite jersey, pearl necklace, apron, maids outfit (ummm no). If there is a prop that is a MUST HAVE for you, then I may not be the photographer for you. Let's chat and I bet I can talk you out of it. Challenge accepted.


Now for the Do'ssssssss

There are SO MANY things that work for a boudoir shoot but Imma lay out a few of my faves here. The LNS Where to Shop list and Session Guide are much more in depth.

White t-shirt/tank top

These are so good and so easy to find. Literally, you can go to Walmart and pick up a 3 pack of each and we can style them a million ways. With/without a bra, off the shoulder, pulling/ripping, add water ;).... the list goes on. Trust me.

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Black underwear/thong + __________. 

Add a t-shirt/tank, beautiful bra, go topless, long necklace, robe, graphic t-shirt... so many ways to style this look and I can pose you ANYWHERE in the studio. 

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer


I'M NOT YELLING AT YOU BUT I PROMISE BODYSUITS LOOK GOOD ON EVERYONE. OKAY? Lucky for you, body suits are making a huge comeback. You can find them everywhere. They don't have to be lingerie, many stores are selling them as tops to wear under jeans and they all work. You can cover areas of your body that you want to and still look sexy. Plus, the half on/half off bodysuit look is hot af too. So if you've learned nothing so far, just get a body suit that fits you.


 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer


Heels - yes, heels.

They elevate the sexy level by at least 110%. Don't worry, you won't be walking the catwalk. Most of the poses we do with heels are sitting/laying so all they have to do is fit your feet. 

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

So there you have it babes. My list of go-to's for your session. If I have squashed your fears about what to wear to your session, awesome. If I made you mad about what NOT to wear, even better. I want you PASSIONATE about your session. I want the babes who can't imagine working with anyone else. Are you ready for this life changing experience? Let's chat.