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 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer


Yo. We know how hard it is to find good space in Toledo.

We are real lucky to have our gem of a studio and we get frequent requests to rent it. Up until recently, renting it out was not an option.

But now it is, so here we are. 


This studio has some amazing features:

  • Tons of natural light

  • Private entrance

  • Exposed brick / 20’ Ceilings

  • Kitchenette + Private Bathroom

  • Boutique style dressing room

  • Dedicated hair and makeup space

  • Beautiful hardwood floors

  • Convenient location on trendy St. Clair Street / accessible parking

This space is perfect for:

  • Wedding Day Glam

  • Yoga Class

  • Meeting Space

  • Work Space

  • Photography Studio

  • Small Event Space
    (Baby Shower, Wedding Shower, Book Club, Girl Gang Meetup)



 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

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