Midwest based Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Q: Where is your studio?

A: All of my sessions are done in my home studio in Toledo, Ohio. However, I do love to travel! Email me to discuss travel fees/options.

Q: When will I get to see my images?

A: It's PAAAARTY TIME! Before your session, you'll also schedule your viewing party date/time. You'll never have to wait more than 2 weeks to see your images. :)


Q: What's your availability?

A: I book sessions on T/W/Th and some limited Sundays. I usually book out at least 1 month in advance so if you are interested in setting up a session, it's best to contact me ASAP. Use this form or send me an email (info@lindsaynicolestudio.com) to set up a free consult.

Q: How much do you Photoshop?

A: I'd be lying if I said not at all but it's truly not much. I do basic color correcting and I edit the images to my style so everything is cohesive. I also remove minor/temporary blemishes, bruises, dark circles etc... Stretch marks, scars, the tattoo you got when you were drunk and such are all edited on a discretionary basis. My hope is that you fall in love with these images and that when you look at yourself in the mirror, you see the same person. Otherwise, what's the point?

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Q: How much should I expect to spend?

A: The LNS Boudoir Experience Session fee is $500. This includes your pre-session consultation, professional hair and makeup services, access to my VIP Client Closet, a 1.5 hour photo shoot and a 1 hour Viewing Party. My clients typically spend an average of $2200 on their product purchase. There is zero obligation to purchase anything but my clients are usually surprised at how many images they LOVE and simply must have. I guess that means I'm doing something right. :)

For a full list of my products and to learn how you can save $200 on your session fee, complete this form or contact me at info@lindsaynicolestudio.com.

Q: How private are my images?

A:  So this is where I get uber protective. My clients trust me with the most vulnerable photos they've ever had of themselves. You can be assured that I will never share your images without your permission. In fact, the majority of my clients choose to keep them private, which is 100% OK with me.  I use professional labs for all my products that specialize in boudoir photography, so the 16 year old working at Walgreens is not going to be developing these babies. That said, if you do choose to let me share them, you'll have the final say on which images are OK/not OK for public viewing.

Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Q: Do you photograph anything else besides boudoir?

A: Yes and no. :) I love supporting female entrepreneurs so Girl Boss Branding is definitely something I make time for. I also love couples boudoir - there is something super badass about having intimate and hottttt images of you and your bae and it works really well to pair it with a personal boudoir session *hint hint*.

I love small/intimate weddings/elopements - especially when they take place somewhere AWESOME and include really rad couples. If this is you - let's talk! Otherwise, everything else is based on referrals and past client needs. Boudoir is a fulltime gig so it's not often I have free time for much else, but you can always try. :)

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My home studio is located at 3712 Maxwell Road, Toledo, OH but I do love to travel. For inquires or to book a session, please use the form on this page.