Midwest based Luxury Boudoir Photographer

Say hello to Emily!

Lindsay Nicole Studio-1.jpg

Lindsay Nicole Studio’s new associate photographer!

LNS is so FREAKING excited to welcome her to the team. She’s a photographer, a mom, an #lnsgirlgang member (if you’re new around here that means she’s had her own session with Lindsay) AND she’s a gem. Truly.

We’re pumped to start booking her sessions and we’re looking for 10 women to volunteer to be her first few clients and we’ve got a BOMB incentive for those that sign up.

Let’s talk details!

We’re looking for 10 ladies who…..

  • want their own lns boudoir experience

  • are willing to unleash their inner badass

  • are comfortable letting emily + lindsay perfect their process for the associate sessions

  • want to join the #lnsgirlgang

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

What’s in it for you?

let’s just assume that the lns boudoir experience isn’t enough…

How about a FREE session?

Yeah, you heard that right.

A $200 retainer fee is due upon booking.
This fee holds your date and confirms you aren’t going to chicken out. ;)

You’ll receive that $200 back as product credit
towards any product purchase you make following your session.*
Making your session FREE-99!

*Products begin at $750 - but don’t forget, you’ll already have $200 to spend at your ordering appointment. To see full product pricing click HERE.

 Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

Are you in?

This is the FULL LNS experience. We’re going to show you what it’s like to be an #lnsgirlgang member and you’ll see the photos to prove it.