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Lindsay Nicole


Let's talk about self confidence.  The kind you get after getting the perfect haircut, or trying on an outfit that fits just right. For a fleeting moment you feel like the beautiful, strong, empowered woman that you are. But a couple days (or hours) go by and that self confidence high you had is fizzling. 

My passion is providing women with images of themselves that blow their freaking minds. Images that build self confidence and give legitimate proof to the fact that they are sexy, strong, beautiful AF women. Even on their worst hair days and when they think they are failing at life.

This is my full time job, not just something I do on the side. I specialize in creating a luxury experience for each of my clients.  What started out as a hobby is now my main squeeze and I literally have to pinch myself sometimes because what I do is that f'ing fun.



I'm narcoleptic but only in cars. I've been known to stop and take a nap when driving less 1 hr.
I could probably eat tacos every day. I know that's something people say, but I mean it.
If I had it my way, I'd be barefoot all day, errrayday.
I'm obsessed with Netflix crime dramas. The Killing, The Fall, The Five, Mindhunters... You name it, I've seen it.
I probably have ADD but seriously, what are we doing for lunch?
I wear black leggings every day. I do not own a pair of jeans.

Also, these are my babies


My Philosophy

I know boudoir isn't for everyone. And that's OK. I donโ€™t think every woman needs sexy, or naked photos of themselves but I donโ€™t think there is anything wrong with having them either. What I do think every woman needs is self love and self respect. I believe that there is freedom in expressing your sexuality and being comfortable in your own skin. An experience that can give that to you is life giving. And every woman deserves to feel that.

The women I work with are brave, strong, and sometimes terrified to be vulnerable in front of the camera. But they all leave empowered, high on their own bravery, and dying to see the final images. 

A boudoir session is so much more than a photo shoot, or putting on some hawt lingerie and getting your hair done (but I do love a good makeover!). The confidence you will gain will be immeasurable. This is about finding the beauty deep inside of you and bringing it to the surface. It is a life changing experience, an opportunity to embrace your beautiful.

All of your final boudoir images will be edited. I provide you with plenty of images to look through to make your choices for your album/final products. Our studio experience includes a pre-session consult, professional hair and makeup, the shoot itself, access to our VIP client closet and your Viewing and Ordering Appointment.


- My Clients

  • Are moms

  • Are daughters

  • Are single women

  • Are married women

  • Are brides-to-be

  • Are professionals

  • Are young and old

  • Are all sizes and shapes

  • Are badasses


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