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About Me



Hey there, I'm Lindsay.

Despite the name of my business, no one actually calls me Lindsay Nicole (except you mom). You can call me Lindsay, Linds, Red, whatever - just please don't call me ma'am. Shoutout to all the waiters that still card me for my glass of champagne order despite being of legal age for more than a decade. (Ya'll feel me?)

I fell in love with photography at a time when I needed to believe I was good enough at something. After photographing EVERYTHING under the sun, I've found that I just can't get enough of rad couples who want to do something different and women who are willing to be vulnerable in front of the camera to obtain the most beautiful images they've ever seen of themselves.

  I want your session with me to be to be fun and surprising. It should feel like old friends hanging out, having a bomb ass time because....#duh YOLO. I want you to love your photo shoot. Like, can't wait to brag about it to your friends kind of love. My goal is to create images that you are obsessed with and that you want to blow up x1000 and hang on your wall - not just put in a f'ing Facebook album. My images should make you feel something. When you see them for the first time, you get a lump in your throat and tears form in your eyes, because, hot damn - you look good.

i Can't wait to meet you.


p.s. You can find me on social media here:

Instagram: @lindsaynicolestudio

Toledo Ohio Boudoir Photographer

My *why*....

Man, if there's one thing I know, life is short. Time goes so fast and I don't want to live a life of regrets. That's why I'm only photographing things that make my heart sing: boudoir photography and some really rad couples. 

I know boudoir isn't for everyone. And that's OK. But here's the thing, freedom in expressing our sexuality and being comfortable in our own skin is life giving. Everyone should feel beautiful, sexy, worthy of love....The women I work with are brave, strong, and sometimes terrified to be vulnerable in front of the camera. But they all leave empowered, high on their own bravery, more comfortable in their own shoes. 

A boudoir session is so much more than a photo shoot, or putting on some hawt lingerie and getting your hair done (but I do love a good makeover!). The confidence you will gain will be immeasurable. This is about finding the beauty deep inside of you and bringing it to the surface. It is a life changing experience.

All of your boudoir session photos that you'll see of yourself will be fully edited. I provide you with plenty of images to look through to make your choices for your album. Your experience options are A la carte. It is really simple. The base option includes the shoot itself, professional hair and makeup, access to my VIP closet and fully edited proofs to view your images.

Commissions start at $600.



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